Every year, Jason speaks to thousands of students of all ages across the country in large group assemblies, classroom visits and during writing workshops. He visits public, private and religious schools and often schedules time for parents, staff and faculty events.

Jason offers an unprecedented Money Back Booking Guarantee. If teachers, staff and students are not completely satisfied with his visit, Jason will refund 100% of the costs or donate it back to the PTA/PTO.

For more information, contact booking@jasonfwright.com and provide as many details as possible about your event.

For urgent requests, call 540-459-9002.

Presentations for 2019

Download Full Packet (PDF)

“Kindness — How a Boy Named Roy Changed the World” (PDF)
When Jason was a middle schooler in Charlottesville, Virginia, a series of school bus experiences changed his life forever. Using humor, heart, storytelling and volunteers as actors in his life story, Jason teaches the power of words to build and create greatness. Click here to learn more.

“The Seventeen Second Miracle Challenge” (PDF)
We don’t always need parents or teachers to tell us when or how to perform mini-miracles in the lives of people around us. We simply need to have our eyes open to the opportunities. Click here to learn more.

“Failure Is an Option” (PDF)
Jason uses examples from famous failures throughout history before revealing his own impressive track record of falling short. Using self-deprecating humor and personal anecdotes, Jason teaches specific lessons he’s learned from some of his more entertaining failures. Perhaps most surprisingly, students will learn that Jason failed the 7th grade. Click here to learn more.

“Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle” (PDF)
Using humor and photos, Jason introduces himself and shares a few of the things he “wanted to be when he grew up.” Volunteers then stand in front of their peers and do the same. Jason also reads his book, Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle, as the illustrations are projected on a screen. At the conclusion, Jason asks questions and students learn that a jar of money given away anonymously can have a tremendous impact on both the givers and the receivers.

“Publishing — How a Story Becomes a Book” (PDF)
Using student actors on stage, Jason takes a high-energy approach to demonstrating how an idea goes from a writer’s imagination to a library or bookstore. Students learn about the role of editors, agents, publishers and more.

“All Writing Is Storytelling” (PDF)
Jason owes his career to phenomenal teachers who believed in his ability to tell a story and he begins his workshops by focusing on a simple premise: All writing is storytelling. Jason offers two workshop options. One centers on group storytelling and involves everyone in the room. Together they create an oral story that’s never been told in history. The other uses a unique writing prompt and allows time for students to write the first page of a short story. Jason then reads many of the stories aloud and finds magic in every single one.

Jason is also willing to customize a message around a school or district-wide theme or specific initiative.

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