School Visits

Jason is offering these programs for the 2017-2018 school year.

“How a Boy Name Roy Changed the World”
“The Seventeen Second Miracle”
“Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle”
“Failure is an Option!”

Additionally, Jason is always willing to customize a message around a school or district-wide theme or specific initiative. Click here to contact Wright Media Enterprises online. For urgent requests, call 540-459-9002.

Every year, Jason speaks to thousands of K-12 students across the country in large group assemblies, classroom visits and writing workshops. He visits public, private and religious schools and often schedules time for parents, staff and faculty events.

What are schools saying about Jason’s programs?

The impact that Jason Wright has had on our community has be so profound. People, adults and children, have not quit talking about it since. They come into the library and tell us how awesome it was, how he was so interesting, showing us the pictures they took on their phones and how they are on his Facebook page. They are so proud they know him and how he made them think about their lives. Jason also impacted me personally. Not knowing Jason before he came, I did not know what to expect, but he far exceeded my expectations in a positive and wonderful way. I believe our community will be changed by us having Jason Wright here.
—Wanda Gray, Youth Services Librarian, Newcomerstown Public Library

Our teachers in both the Middle School and High School were delighted that we had the opportunity to host a visit by Jason Wright. The students seldom have the privilege of meeting an author, let alone having him take questions. Working with the Middle School students on to develop their writing skills was icing on the cake! At Claymont Middle School, Christmas Jars is serving as the theme for the entire year. With kindness as their goal, and a commitment to put others first, the book was the perfect vehicle for reinforcing the concept and making it more real to the students.
—Jan Mitchell Warden, Library Supervisor, Claymont City Schools

Jason Wright came to our school and told us about being an author. He said that in 5th grade he told his teacher that he wanted to be an author. His teacher told him that people would discourage him along the way. Sure enough he was right. People discouraged him and encouraged him too. He said that also he spends more time waiting for the book to be published than to write it. I think he is an awesome author and I want to be one when I grow up.
—Katie, Age 11, Larsen Elementary School

Assemblies with kindergarteners can be a painful experience. I was so excited for Jason Wright to come to our school, but I was a little nervous about how he would handle the younger students. I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about. He kept all of the students K-6 engaged, and his message had a lasting impact on both students and teachers at our school. Several students “wrote books” after his visit, and many were inspired to begin Christmas Jars with their families.
—Angela Eckhardt, Teacher, Larsen Elementary School

Jason Wright came to Larsen Elementary school, and talked to us about his book writing experience. He told us that when he was in fifth grade he told his teacher that he wanted to be an author. His teacher told him that it would be hard and that things wouldn’t always go smoothly. He told us that his teacher was absolutely right. People discouraged him and made it hard on him, but he didn’t want to give up. He inspired me to not give up! Jason has made some great children books and novels. I have actually read one of his books, it was amazing. I definitely have learned something from him.
—Ashley, Age 10, Larsen Elementary School

We had the distinct pleasure of having Jason speak to our 11th grade English class. We read his book “The Seventeen Second Miracle” and did many projects inspired by this incredibly motivating book about being the positive influence in another person’s life, and paying things forward. Jason was witty, fun, inspiring, motivating, and able to hold a room of High School Juniors, as well as numerous Faculty and Administration, captivated by his stories. In the days following his visit numerous Faculty and Adminstration praised his visit, as did the students. The students all felt motivated to be better individuals and set the bar higher. It was an amazing experience for all involved. One that our students will never forget. We are more than grateful for our fabulous experience. I guarantee that if you invite him into your school you will not be sorry. It will be an experience that you will all enjoy and remember for the rest of your lives.
—Candice Belchik, Broad Run High School

Jason Wright’s visit to our school was one of the highlights of the year. He delivered different messages to the various grades that he visited with but each assembly was meaningful and impactful. From saving pennies to make a difference in someone’s life to how your little actions can make such a difference to someone, the messages were clear and delivered in a fun and digestible manner. Two classes also got to experience a writing workshop with him and the students were excited to continue the creativity with him after the session was done. They didn’t want it to end! We are already planning ways that we can have him back to our area to visit with all of the eight schools in our district!
—Kirstin Drabek, The Lake School

“What a special day at Spratley Gifted Center when we were visited by Jason Wright! Staff and students were thrilled and amazed that he would spend an entire day with us providing inspiration for being our best selves and writing workshops for aspiring student authors. One student said, ‘Mr. Wright’s style is humorous and he relates to kids; he didn’t just tell us what to do, but shared through personal examples how to be your best self.’ Another noted, ‘Through one of his exercises, he made me feel that we are never alone even if we think we are.’ A writer’s workshop participant, enthusiastically stated, ‘I never thought I could really be a writer, but his comments about my writing made me believe I could actually be a writer in the future.’ Another student added, ‘When reading our writing samples, he made each of us feel special.’ That’s exactly what Jason Wright did at our school; he made each of us feel that we are seen, valued, and capable of greatness, just what we strive to teach our students daily.
— Alice Adams, Spratley Gifted Center

“Jason came to speak with our students about the concepts in his novel, The Seventeen Second Miracle. The book teaches students to look for opportunities to be kind to others each and every day. His message was illustrated through personal examples and by interactive exercises conducted with the students. The object lesson Mr. Wright did with the group, concretely conveyed the message that we are not alone, we are surrounded by the love of others. Jason, thank you for coming to BUMFS Center School and speaking to our students. You have left your mark indelibly.”
— Jennie L. Johnson, MA, M.ED, Principal, Burlington Center School

“The impact Jason had on all of us; the kids, the parents and the staff was very powerful. Seldom is a message delivered so simply while making such a profound impact. All he required was three chairs and a microphone, yet he kept 200+ students at a time on the edge of their seats. His message is real, meaningful, and applicable to the lives of all who hear him. Nobody can walk away unchanged.”
— Ms. Peg Liberatore, Rocky River Middle School

“Jason presented the ‘Words as Weapons’ assembly at our school. The message was perfect for middle school students. He really connected to the audience using real-life examples that resonated with the students.”
— Selena Terry, Red Hills Middle School

“Our school has been focusing on using the power of positive psychology and helping our students see the possibilities of all that they can be. Jason Wright’s presentation on ‘The Seventeen Second Miracle’ was the perfect follow up to everything we have been doing. Using real life experiences and an entertaining speaking style, he captivated our student body with words alone. It was a real, heart to heart conversation that touched our students at the very core of who they are and inspired them to be the best that they can be.”
— Jody Valantine, School Counselor, Washington County School District

“Jason did an amazing presentation on ‘Words as Weapons’ at Lava Ridge Intermediate School in Santa Clara. The students were totally engrossed in his stories and his theme went hand in hand with our anti-bullying program. Before his presentation, I sent Jason some bullying facts taken from our annual bullying survey and he incorporated this into his presentation targeting one of our areas of concern. We held two assemblies with over 450 students in each assembly and you could have heard a pin drop as Jason told a story concerning his childhood and riding the bus to school. You could tell the students could relate to everything he was saying.
— Doug Yates, Counselor, Lava Ridge Intermediate School

“Jason Wright held a gymnasium full of elementary children in his story telling clutches. In this era of high tech, screen based entertainment, teachers and administrators are always in awe of anything that keeps the youth transfixed for 40 minutes of full on engagement and Wright achieved this with flair. Imparting lessons of generosity, taking the moral high ground, and developing one’s own empathy for others underpinned every story. When Wright left the school, students were still looking behind them and holding the door for those who came behind.”
— Amy Hufnagel, Program Development, Allamuchy, New Jersey School District

“Jason Wright was a joy to have at our school. His message about the Christmas Jar story was so inspiring. He was able to teach us about giving and how when we give we don’t need recognition for it. We can do it without anyone knowing and do it for the right reason. He was able to get the audience to pay attention for the entire 50 minutes of time with his stories and involving the students on stage. His smile and enthusiasm was contagious and the students loved meeting and hearing Jason. His message got us into the Christmas giving spirit.”
— Candace Wilson, FCCLA Adviser, Westlake High School

“Jason Wright was fantastic! He had all the students’ attention! He allowed them to participate and engage in learning during the assembly. He was very funny. We had students K – 4 and they all seemed to really connect with him. Many students were inspired and committed to helping others because of the message he taught. It is fun to hear students talk about how they want to be writers and help others. We are already trying to find a time he can come again!”
— Kaylene Yardley, Eagle Bay Elementary

“The message Jason Wright conveys is superb for students and staff alike. He captivates his audience with enthusiasm and fun while uncovering a powerful meaning of generosity, good will, and individual kindness. A message for persons of all ages and backgrounds, he offers an enlightening humanity experience for all!”
— Antoinette D. Funk, Administrator, Berkeley County Schools, WV

“The message of Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle spread throughout Sacred Heart Academy following Jason’s retelling of this heart warming story. Though Jason held some initial concerns about connecting to all our kindergarten through eighth grade students in one meeting, they were unfounded. Jason performed a miracle and engaged all the students immediately with his enthusiastic presence and rendition of his story. Following his visit, Sacred Heart students were inspired to establish two jars. They filled one jar with “17 Second Miracles” they intended to perform, and the other one with monetary donations for a local charity. Jason’s visit infused the Academy with true Christmas spirit.”
— Rebecca McTavish, Principal, Sacred Heart Academy

“Jason’s visit to Timber Ridge School was much appreciated and enjoyed by staff and students. The Seventeen Second Miracle and the beliefs and values it teaches have become a part of our culture. There have been many doors held open for many people. But, more than doors being held open, there is a feeling of concern for others that is more pronounced. What a wonderful lesson to teach our students. I overheard a student tell Mr. Wright on his way out, ‘You changed my life in 30 minutes…’ Pretty powerful!”
— John J. Lamanna, Ed.D., Executive Director, Timber Ridge School

“He had such a powerful message and delivered it in format that was interesting, entertaining, accessible, and thought provoking. I can already see members of our community performing little miracles through acts of kindness.”
— Paulette Thibault, Principal, Christ the King School

“Jason has the ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. His visit captivated our students with the perfect combination of humor, student involvement, and character education. Perhaps most impressive, was watching Jason reach beyond the 800 students to personally connect with one particular child. Jason’s visit ‘opened a door’ of understanding for our students, and tied in perfectly with our character education program. He is a kind and gracious guest, and we hope to have him return to our school.”
— David Stephenson, Principal, Traverse Mountain Elementary School

“Anyone who can keep a gymnasium full of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders focused and interested the day before their Spring Break begins clearly has the ability to motivate and captivate … and this is exactly what Jason Wright did in his presentation in our building. Though he has traveled across the country and his books top bestselling lists, he had an amazing ability to use real-life examples and scenarios to make his message relevant to many of our students who haven’t traveled far outside the reaches of their own community.”
— Suzanne Miller, Frederick County Middle School

“Jason Wright’s assembly was especially engaging for our students to attain a better understanding that the world isn’t so much about “me,” but is more about how we can take a few seconds from our busy day to complete little miracles that will help to brighten other’s day. Jason utilized students from the audience to illustrate that it is simply the “Little Moments” that we will be remembered by as we grow older; the little things we do day in and day out that truly make the difference. I highly recommended Jason’s “Big Moments vs Little Moments” assembly to middle schools who are searching to spread enthusiasm among the student body and staff that will assist in establishing a more caring and positive school climate.”
— Shelby J. Kline, Principal, North Fork Middle School

“Jason Wright’s ‘Big Moments and Little Moments’ presentation was an exciting way to encourage students to find ways to treat each other with kindness and respect. His storytelling and student involvement combined for a dynamic, engaging assembly. The on-going value is that we continue to reference “what Mr. Wright said” as we remind students that the “little” things we do for each other each day can have a huge impact on other people, our school and our community. Unlike other presentations that are “over” as soon as the students leave the auditorium, Jason’s message endures.”
— Gina Stetter, Principal, Peter Muhlenberg Middle School

“Jason’s recent visit to Provo School District was a highlight for our secondary students. Dixon Middle School filled the auditorium with 800 students when they found out he was going to be there. Jason had students participating from the very beginning. My favorite part was walking out with Jason after when an 8th grader told him “‘I usually don’t like assemblies, because I don’t fit in, however you made everyone fit in and feel important.'”
— Greg Hudnall, Student Services, Provo City School District

“Jason’s visit to Godwin High School has left a lasting impression with the students and staff alike… We are definitely in the fan club! We’re thankful for both his written and spoken inspirations. He is a dynamic speaker, particularly adept at reading and appealing to the audience at hand. From here forward, our ICA (Inclusive Community Advisory) students will challenge each other daily with, ‘What seventeen second miracles have your performed today?'”
— Beth Armbruster, Principal, Godwin High School

“You could have heard a pin drop during his remarks. In this age of texting and e-mailing, I watched 1,200 students leave cell phones in their pockets and focus attentively on a man who had them totally captivated with his stories and positive outlook on life. Jason’s message of doing good, helping people, and taking time to make a positive difference is timely. Jason is not only a very gifted writer but a gifted speaker as well.”
— Dave Birch, Principal, West Point Junior High


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